Monday, April 25, 2011


I know that all of you have been dying for me to put up another post. It has been over a month since I have updated this blog and I don’t know how many times a week I get asked if I am engaged yet. Well, I hate to burst your bubble but I am not engaged. But…

Scott’s little sister Heidi got engaged last Friday. I am way excited for her and Steve. Since I don’t have a story of my own to share I will tell you theirs. Friday was their 9 month anniversary, so what better day to get engaged. Here’s the 411 on Heidi and Steve. They met working BYU grounds together last summer (I think). On one of their first dates, the one where Steve asked her to officially be his girlfriend, they had a picnic in the middle of a roundabout.

Friday Steve called Heidi and asked if she wanted to go to lunch. They went to Costa and got some food for take-out. They took it to the roundabout for a picnic, and Steve’s roommate was already there, making sure that the bum that was living on the roundabout wasn’t going to ruin their picnic. Could you imagine showing up in some confined space and having a bum just sitting a couple feet away? Luckily the bum wasn’t around. Then they realized that they didn’t have any utensils to eat their food with. Heidi suggested that they go back to his apartment, and grab something to eat with. Then Steve said, wait guess what I have as he pulls nothing from behind his back. (Not being in the situation I can laugh about it, but I don’t know if I would be too happy if I was expecting a ring, and he faked me out) Heidi felt the same way, when she was telling me the story she told me that she hit him. Then he said he was sorry and asked for a hug. After they hugged he bent over and she was wondering what he was trying to pick-up… He pulls out the ring… and the rest is history. (She said yes, obviously)

Scott had just pulled up in front of my house when I first got her text that said “I’m engaged!”. I ran out to see if he just got the same text as me and see if he knew already or if he had just gotten the same text that I did. He had just gotten the same text that I did. Which makes me happy to know that I am on the same level as Scott is. I was way excited for her, she deserves it. She is one of the cutest girls I know. She is beautiful, and talented, and super nice. She has an amazing voice, and she is so happy all of the time. She’s just super cute. She is a couple years younger than me and Scott.

I don’t know Steve too well, but here’s the scoop on him. He is tall, and thin, and has dark hair. I think he is German. He is better at playing video games than me. He worked on BYU grounds. He is from Ohio… He eats morethan everyone else at dinner (not meant to be an insult). He’s pretty funny, and has a fast wit… Pretty sure that’s all I really know about him.

CONGRATS Steve and Heidi!!

Here are some pictures that I pulled off of facebook... just look how cute they are.