Monday, November 15, 2010


The Little 5:
The number that falls between 4 and 6... and is a low number.
The number of points the Jazz are losing by this very second. Good thing it is a fairly low number because that means they can catch up faster.
The number of hours I slept for after class (I forgot I turned my alarm on my phone on silent)
It is the number of hours I should have spent studying for the midterm I have this week.
The number of guys that came to FHE tonight (I was the only girl), but I guess the activity was to watch the Eagles game... I like football, but I'd rather watch the Jazz.

The Big 5:
The number of pounds I plan on gaining over thanksgiving
The number of pages I have left to write for my 5 page molecular biology paper, which makes the number 5 seem like a bigger and more daunting number than the small 5 that was mentioned previously.
The time that I will probably go to bed, my sleeping schedule is all thrown off. That's easy considering that I don't have a job right now, I can sleep pretty much any time that I want to.
Most importantly, it is the number of months that Scott has left of his mission... Can you believe it? Neither can I. Time is actually passing. I swear time didn't pass the first 15 months or so. Now, it is starting to go by super fast! Which is exciting/scary.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Okay, so I hate dating... Which if you follow my blog you should know by now. Scott only has about 5 1/2 months left before he gets home!! I am so excited to see where that goes. We still write each other every week, and things are going really well. But I am getting bored, I am sick of just going on a date with a different guy every week. I miss Scott like crazy, but 5 1/2 months seems so far away, and I am BORED. So... what should I do? Should I keep doing what I am doing and going out with different guys every week? Or should I date just one person. I have my options.
1) Abercrombie... no, that isn't is real name. But he is cute, has the abs of an Abercrombie model, and I like to spend time with him. His downfalls, he pretty much always bails on me. (He said that he has been sick, no way to really verify that one) He still claims that he wants to date me so... I have no idea what I want to do.
2) Gym Tim.... That is what he introduced himself as when I met him. He is super funny, and can hold his own in a conversation. We do Monday night movies every week (sorta, that's the plan) His downfalls... When we are with a group of people he is a little immature and he is too sarcastic, but he's fine when we're alone.
3) Just buckle down and be bored, and wait for Scott to get home. I think that once Christmas comes, and I get to talk to him on the phone and the next couple months should be easy. The hard part will be from now until then. I love Scott, we fit together really well while he was here, I know that people change while they are on their missions, but if he is pretty much the same person then I wouldn't want to end up with anyone else.

At least I have options.... right?