Friday, February 27, 2009

What happens when both amber and kelci are up at 3:00 am

We go to the gym... we might not be able to get up early to go the the gym... but we can go early in the morning if we don't ever go to sleep.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

You could have just asked...

This is for my family, because I am sure that most of my friends wouldn't really care to much. I am kind of curious what everyone is thinking though. I am sure that most of you know that something is going on with my dad... and I am sure that you have your theories about it. I am sorry that I haven't responded to Amy's question about my dad having an apartment. Yes, he has an apartment. He and Tracy have gotten divorced, and the boys are living with her. My dad (more like I) get to have the boys every other weekend. I wasn't exactly sure what I was allowed to say before, but I figured that there are probably a lot of weird theories about what was going on. I know that Tracy was really stressed about work... and my dad... well, he's Brett. So things weren't working out too well between them. No cheating was involved, or any other things you might have been thinking. If you want to know more, you can always ask. Just give me a call, if you don't have my number you can email me or get it from Brooke.

On another note. I am sure that many of you who have attended BYU can relate to the pain I will be experiencing tonight. I am taking my American Heritage final tomorrow. I have been quite the slacker and I have a 4 page paper due tomorrow as well. I will be pulling an all nighter. I remember when pulling an all nighter was cool, but that was back in the day when I didn't have to go into work, and I was able to take a nap the next day. I am dreading this test and I am pretty worried about how well I will do on it, so if you will please remember me and my test in your prayers... I will need them. Okay, you don't really have to pray that I will do okay on my test, but at least wish me luck. Right now I am procrastinating my studying. I should be doing some sort of studying or research for my paper. But here I am blogging about my dad, and how bad I will do on my test.

ZRII... I never really told exactly what happened with work. It was all really sketchy and a lot of legal stuff was happening during my last post about work and so I was able to say much. But here is the story. There were 7 VPs in the company (Tracy being the VP of Marketing) and they decided that they didn't like the way that Bill (The CEO) was running things. So they decided that they would resign and give Bill the option of selling the company to them. Bill is a very stubborn person, and this was the company that he started and funded from his own pocket. He decided to accept their resignation, and keep the company and run it himself. Well, everyone walked out with the VPs (except for customer service) My department had to manage everything for a couple days without the rest of the company. They didn't tell us what was going on they told us that everyone else was at an off site meeting. So, we had callers calling in and asking us about commissions, compliance, sales, everything. We no longer had anyone in any of those departments so we ended up putting things off. Things are finally starting to get back to normal, and we are slowly hiring people to fill all of the departments. We are behind on a lot of commissions, and compliance problems, but things are starting to look up. Bill offered everyone who stayed a $1000 bonus if we stayed till the end of the month. These last two weeks have been easier, but the first two weeks were extremely hard to get through. It still isn't as fun as it used to be but we are getting through it. Jocelynn has stuck it out too... it is kind of fun working with her. I think this is the simplest way to explain what happened, and for the most part it is accurate, depending on whose story you are trying to tell. I think this is the most unbias way to tell it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have been quite the slacker when it comes to blogging.

I started to write a blog about everything I have been up to lately... and well I got stuck after 4 sentences. I guess I will have to be creative and blog about something other than my life. Lessons I have learned this past couple weeks.
1) The importance of static guard when wearing nylons
2)Never rely on stealing your sisters clothes after she goes to work, she might wear what you were planning on stealing
3) I am amazing at playing pool
4) Some people can't dance
5) "It isn't your dress unless you cry when you put it on"
6) Don't go on dates with people you meet online... ha ha
7) I love the scriptures!!
8) Get your ecclesiastical endorsement done earlier than the week before it is due.
9) Talk to your professors when you need help in a class
10) Don't leave your debit card in the ATM for longer than a minute, otherwise it gets sucked in and shredded... poor debit card
11) Without a debit card I spend a lot less money.
12) American Heritage isn't a very fun class
13) Me and Kelci won't ever be able to wake up early to go to the gym
14) I am not very good about keeping up with my laundry
15) Work really isn't that bad
16) Chuck is actually a really funny show
17) Heroes is actually a really entertaining show
18) Don't let Eli borrow DVDs they will come back scratched
19) New tennis shoes hurt
20) The bishop secretly wants me to stay in the family ward, cause he won't tell me what time the ward I am supposed to be going to starts
21) I am not very good at taking pictures... and I think my camera sucks
22) I can make my own car payment... but I appreciate my dad paying for it for so long. :)
23) I am running out of single friends
24) My moms face moisturizer smells like old people
25) I hate the word moist
26) Jessica is still alive... I haven't talked to her in forever
27) Natalie is also alive... I haven't talked to her in even longer
28) Mothers have much better things to blog about than I do
29) I forgot how much I like ice cream... but after I eat it I am always way cold
30) There is a huge diffence of gas consumed when I drive 70 vs. driving 80

I am sure that I learned other things but I can't really think of them right now.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My life is pretty much a bad musical...

That is what I decided today. My mom, Bryce and I were all sitting in our front room eating dessert when I started to sing a song. It is the song that always gets stuck in my head and my mom doesn't really like it, and usually gets mad at me for singing it. So I decided to sing the little mermaid song to get the other song out of my head. Kelci ends up walking through the door, and her and my mom soon join in. Soon we are all singing at the top of our lungs the little mermaid song, which none of us really know the words to. What can you do when you can't sing louder? Dance. Bryce soon joins in and we are all singing and dancing in our front room. Our street isn't usually too busy but, I turned around and look out the window to find someone driving down our street. He is going slow and must be looking for an address. I think that he is the only witness to our life as a musical. It was pretty funny.
The reason my life is a bad musical is because I got stuck with my dad's musical talent...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentines Day

I got to spend my Valentines day with Chase, Connor, and Scott. I was pretty tired, I had a late night on Friday. We went out to lunch with my dad, and then we hung out at my dad's apartment for a while. I forget how cute Connor is sometimes. He isn't as persistant as he used to be, which is good. He says please, and thank you about everything. He doesn't whine about things unless Chase is bothering him. Which happens too often. I just hope my kids are like Connor. He is so easy to take care of, he will just come sit on my lap and read books. I asked him if he wanted to go to bed, and he told me he didn't want to. I put on his pajamas and he said, "okay, amber. I want to go bed now" I tucked him in, and he didn't get out of bed. It was awesome. Chase on the other hand, I tucked in and he got out of bed. I went in and told him to get into his bed and he cried, told me how mean I was. A while later I heard him messing around again... it was a while before he actually fell asleep. Then me and Scott got to watch a couple episodes of Heroes.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scott got his mission call!!

If you have any questions about who Scott is feel free to send me an email, and I can fill you in on that. He got his mission call last night, and it was the place that he has been dying to go. He is going to Sapporo Japan. That is the northern part of Japan, and I guess that it gets really cold there in the winter. Sometimes they have up to 15 ft of snow at a time. His uncle served there, and he told us a little about the area where Scott will be serving. It is pretty exciting, and he will be going into the MTC a week after the semester is over (May 6th).

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009


One of my friends asked me to update my blog. She was bored at work and needed something to entertain her. My life the last little while isn't very entertaining, so I doubt that it will keep her from getting bored at work.
Speaking of work... I hate all the drama that is going on where I work. Let me start by explaining a little about our office. Downstairs is where probably 70% of our company works. All of the VPs, the finance department, compliance, marketing, sales, IT, Operations... everything except Customer Service (the department I work in).
I go into work on Monday, and everyone from downstairs was at an off site meeting with Bill (Our CEO). So when anyone called in to talk to a different department we would say that they aren't in today, and we will give them a call back with an answer to their question on Tuesday... So I had pages of follow up that I needed to do.
Tuesday I go in to work, hmmm.... everyone is still at an off site meeting with Bill. Only one problem, Bill was at the office. And again I was left with a page of follow ups...
Wednesday I got a call from my dad asking if I was still working at Zrii. I told him I was and he told me what was going on. Everyone from downstairs resigned. What? How are we going to process refunds and how are we going to send out commissions? The only department standing is Customer Service. The Director of the Call floor and the senior manager also resigned. So, it is pretty much chaotic all of the time. Still nobody really knows what is going on, the call floor is being left in the dark, and slowly our customers start hearing rumors that something bad is happening at Corporate.
Yesterday was awful, I guess all of the people who resigned sent a mass email to the customers saying that Bill is a bad guy. So my day was filled with people yelling at me for working for a horrible company, and lots of questions, which we still don't really have answers to. It was a really long day and I took twice as many calls as I usually do.

The good news to all of this... IF I stay until the end of the month then I will recieve a $1000 bonus. IF is the big word for that sentence. I think I can tough out all the drama and taking all the crazy calls, but I think I might go insane. I guess we will find out.

Enough about all the work drama. I am still working on getting everything finished in the basement... no huge improvements yet. Like I said, my life is actually pretty boring. Jess, I hope that this at least keeps you entertained for like 4 minutes.
Allie : I think that I hit the car behind me when I was backing up.
Me: Really?
Allie: That's okay, that is how my driving instructor taught me to do it.