Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have been quite the slacker when it comes to blogging.

I started to write a blog about everything I have been up to lately... and well I got stuck after 4 sentences. I guess I will have to be creative and blog about something other than my life. Lessons I have learned this past couple weeks.
1) The importance of static guard when wearing nylons
2)Never rely on stealing your sisters clothes after she goes to work, she might wear what you were planning on stealing
3) I am amazing at playing pool
4) Some people can't dance
5) "It isn't your dress unless you cry when you put it on"
6) Don't go on dates with people you meet online... ha ha
7) I love the scriptures!!
8) Get your ecclesiastical endorsement done earlier than the week before it is due.
9) Talk to your professors when you need help in a class
10) Don't leave your debit card in the ATM for longer than a minute, otherwise it gets sucked in and shredded... poor debit card
11) Without a debit card I spend a lot less money.
12) American Heritage isn't a very fun class
13) Me and Kelci won't ever be able to wake up early to go to the gym
14) I am not very good about keeping up with my laundry
15) Work really isn't that bad
16) Chuck is actually a really funny show
17) Heroes is actually a really entertaining show
18) Don't let Eli borrow DVDs they will come back scratched
19) New tennis shoes hurt
20) The bishop secretly wants me to stay in the family ward, cause he won't tell me what time the ward I am supposed to be going to starts
21) I am not very good at taking pictures... and I think my camera sucks
22) I can make my own car payment... but I appreciate my dad paying for it for so long. :)
23) I am running out of single friends
24) My moms face moisturizer smells like old people
25) I hate the word moist
26) Jessica is still alive... I haven't talked to her in forever
27) Natalie is also alive... I haven't talked to her in even longer
28) Mothers have much better things to blog about than I do
29) I forgot how much I like ice cream... but after I eat it I am always way cold
30) There is a huge diffence of gas consumed when I drive 70 vs. driving 80

I am sure that I learned other things but I can't really think of them right now.


  1. Those are all very, very important lessons to learn

  2. I don't know how i missed this post, but i love it!
    1. why are you wearing nylons? it's 2009. nylons are OUT.
    2. You shouldn't be stealing your sister's clothes.
    4. I am one of those people.
    5. Huh??
    6. duh. (sorry brooke and andy)
    7. awesome!
    9. wish i would have learned that sooner. great advice.
    10. :(
    12. i know. good luck on your test today, btw.
    22. hopefully your dad doesn't even read your blog and you can keep free-loading off of him for a while longer.
    28. my life is pretty exciting.
    30. you shouldn't know this information.

    thanks for the info.