Friday, February 6, 2009


One of my friends asked me to update my blog. She was bored at work and needed something to entertain her. My life the last little while isn't very entertaining, so I doubt that it will keep her from getting bored at work.
Speaking of work... I hate all the drama that is going on where I work. Let me start by explaining a little about our office. Downstairs is where probably 70% of our company works. All of the VPs, the finance department, compliance, marketing, sales, IT, Operations... everything except Customer Service (the department I work in).
I go into work on Monday, and everyone from downstairs was at an off site meeting with Bill (Our CEO). So when anyone called in to talk to a different department we would say that they aren't in today, and we will give them a call back with an answer to their question on Tuesday... So I had pages of follow up that I needed to do.
Tuesday I go in to work, hmmm.... everyone is still at an off site meeting with Bill. Only one problem, Bill was at the office. And again I was left with a page of follow ups...
Wednesday I got a call from my dad asking if I was still working at Zrii. I told him I was and he told me what was going on. Everyone from downstairs resigned. What? How are we going to process refunds and how are we going to send out commissions? The only department standing is Customer Service. The Director of the Call floor and the senior manager also resigned. So, it is pretty much chaotic all of the time. Still nobody really knows what is going on, the call floor is being left in the dark, and slowly our customers start hearing rumors that something bad is happening at Corporate.
Yesterday was awful, I guess all of the people who resigned sent a mass email to the customers saying that Bill is a bad guy. So my day was filled with people yelling at me for working for a horrible company, and lots of questions, which we still don't really have answers to. It was a really long day and I took twice as many calls as I usually do.

The good news to all of this... IF I stay until the end of the month then I will recieve a $1000 bonus. IF is the big word for that sentence. I think I can tough out all the drama and taking all the crazy calls, but I think I might go insane. I guess we will find out.

Enough about all the work drama. I am still working on getting everything finished in the basement... no huge improvements yet. Like I said, my life is actually pretty boring. Jess, I hope that this at least keeps you entertained for like 4 minutes.
Allie : I think that I hit the car behind me when I was backing up.
Me: Really?
Allie: That's okay, that is how my driving instructor taught me to do it.


  1. that sucks, amber. what is your dad's association with the company you work for? how did he know what was going on before you?

  2. Thanks Amberelli! Very entertaining.. and you have to let me know if you find out why Bill is a bad guy!

  3. Tracy worked for the company, and that is why my dad knew.

  4. Haha! That quote... :) I still mean it, too.

  5. She really does mean it... she does it almost every time... I think it is on purpose...