Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scott got his mission call!!

If you have any questions about who Scott is feel free to send me an email, and I can fill you in on that. He got his mission call last night, and it was the place that he has been dying to go. He is going to Sapporo Japan. That is the northern part of Japan, and I guess that it gets really cold there in the winter. Sometimes they have up to 15 ft of snow at a time. His uncle served there, and he told us a little about the area where Scott will be serving. It is pretty exciting, and he will be going into the MTC a week after the semester is over (May 6th).


  1. congrats, scott. i don't know much about that area, but i'm sure it will be awesome. good luck. and amber, i do know who scott is, but i'd like to be privy to the email explanation ... you have my address. i'll be waiting.

  2. funny: i don't know where staci was reading, but she saw a comment of brooke's referring to something about amber and a mission call and she was like, "i didn't know amber was going on a mission" and i was like, "neither did i, but i've been out of it for awhile"
    now it makes sense. awesome that you get to support him on his mission. i also know a little bit about him (thought it was over?), but would love to know more.