Sunday, February 12, 2012

Life only gets busier...

Do you ever just sit and think about all of the things that you need to get done? This past 2 weeks that is all I pretty much all I can think about. Since working the graveyard shift, and adjusting to only four or so hours of sleep a night I learned to fall asleep and stay asleep like a champ. The last couple weeks have been different for me. I lie in bed creating mental lists of all the things that I would like to accomplish the next day. By the time I am finished with work and school the next day I am so exhausted from only the two or three hours of sleep I got that the only thing I ever have enough energy to do is sleep. Then when I wake up from my little nap I feel overwhelmed by the list of things I wanted to do, which I wouldn’t have had time to complete even if I hadn’t wasted my time taking a nap. When does this feeling ever go away? Will it? Time and time again people tell me that life only gets busier. I hope for sanity that my life and my stresses only become different, not busier. If my life gets any busier it might actually kill me.

I am pretty busy with the 17 credits I am taking this semester. Physiology and Anatomy are some of my favorite classes that I have taken so far at BYU. This semester the classes I am taking have a lot to do with the body, and how it functions. It’s these classes that I feel like I am actually getting information that is applicable to my life. It makes such a huge difference taking classes that I enjoy, even if I do struggle to keep up with all of the homework.

Work is… a little frustrating sometimes. I really like what I do right now, but any time someone new comes in as manager things change. The flow of how things work gets disrupted and a new way of doing things has to be learned. I did get some added responsibility when things got switched up, but this adjusting period has been difficult for me. Somehow work feels more tiring then it ever used to be, it might have something to do with getting further into my semester and my lack of sleep, but it has just been hard.

Scott is doing great, although we hardly get to spend time together. He has started to prepare for the DAT (Dental Admissions Test), which he is scheduled to take in May. A couple days a week he goes to an actual prep class and he studies on his own other nights. Then in June we will be going through the application process. I feel like I have been in school for longer than I can handle, he still has a year at BYU followed by four more for dental school. He’s a trooper, that’s for sure.

Life is really good right now, tiring maybe, but I have no real complaints. I'm hoping to blog a little more regularly again. The fun day to day stuff is more interesting than the "update on the last 6 months" stuff is.