Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tomorrow is Monday… but why?

I hate weekends where you get to Sunday evening and wonder why tomorrow is going to be Monday again. Where did my weekend go?

Saturday I went shopping… I think this is the longest shopping trip I have ever been on. Me and Kelci met up with a girl that I work with and her sister in law and we shopped for a while. After that me and Kelci decided to keep shopping for a bit, we weren’t fully satisfied with our purchases yet. It was a very long day, but I ended up finding a couple really good deals.

Today… was long. I left for church at around 9:15 and I got home a a little before 7. I went to my sacrament meeting, then I went over to my friends because she didn’t want to go to her singles ward alone. I went to that with her and then I had to go back to my church for tithing settlement. It has been a really long day.

Things that I learned this weekend:

  • Buying new clothes is fun, but carrying them around after isn’t.
  • My little sister actually likes having  Kelci-Amber time
  • The girl who taught RS today has situational depression
  • My singles ward bishop is really on top of things, and he is interested in getting to know everyone individually
  • I am really tall, even when I wear flats.
  • I have really long arms, and most long-sleeved shirts don’t fit me. :(
  • I think it would be fun to teach RS… I know, I think it is crazy too, but I like being able to be creative, and I think I could have a lot of fun.
  • Kalie has a really nice family, and she must talk about me or something because they all knew who I was.
  • I am still afraid to drive in the snow, and I have been for 5 years.
  • I am so excited to go to Arizona tomorrow! Please let it be warm…

Tomorrow is Monday… Good thing it is the only day I have to work or go to class!

Friday, November 20, 2009

How do you prioritize things you want to get done?

This is my constant struggle. I have too many interests, too many wants. How can I fit them into my life?

Things I would love to do:

  1. Go to Medical School
  2. Quit my ridiculously stupid job
  3. Learn how to us Photoshop
  4. Travel
  5. Get my MA  certification (this one will make # 2 happen)
  6. Build my photography portfolio
  7. Graduate with Honors from BYU

Things that I wish I had:

  • More time to study (I actually enjoy it, but I am too tired after I get home from work.
  • There is a specific Camera I have been eyeing, but it probably won’t happen for a while. I guess I will just have to hold on to my dad’s camera until he actually comes to take it from me.
  • A lower car payment
  • More Sleep

Just a few of Many things I hope happen eventually.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Things that make me smile

Quotes from today that made me smile.

Between my boss, and one of the employees at work:

Jake: “I didn’t take your phone, I swear on Zach’s dead grandma. (Zach do you have a dead grandma?)”

Zach: “I do, but I don’t know if that makes it worse or better.”

From Amy’s Blog:

Nolan: “his life has writing on it, my life is blank”

From work. Me and a one of my friends were separated at work and so we were writing notes on a paper crinkling it up and throwing it at each other.

Zach: “Why don’t you just use the phone, or email each other?”

Me: “This way is more fun”

Zach: “This way is also wireless”

My favorite response to the question Why does Donald duck wear a towel around his waist when he gets out of the shower, but on a normal day he doesn’t wear any pants.

Jace: “Ducks get excited in water, he doesn’t normally have anything to hide.”

Other things that make me smile

I was walking on campus the other day and I saw 2 guys sitting on the sidewalk. One was wearing a helmet and the other wasn’t. I thought it was kind of a funny site. As I got closer I saw that the boy without the helmet only had one shoe on. His shoe was on the other side of the of the sidewalk. Then I notice a bike laying on the ground a little further down. I can’t believe it, a pedestrian was hit by someone on a bike. (At least that validates my fear of people on bikes while I am walking through campus) both of them were completely fine, but I almost wish I would have seen it happen.

Family who actually cares about what is going on in your life. (Amy thanks for taking the time to read my blog, and take an interest in my life)

Getting a letter in the mail every week from Scott. I swear that his letters have the best timing  they come on days that I really need a pick me up.

Getting FB messages from people you haven’t talked to in a while.

Getting to eat dinner with one of my really good friends and her husband.

My living room is now clean… it’s about time

Clean Laundry, I never realized how many more options I have when my clothes are clean.

French Fries, Dancing, Reading to name just a few.