Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just hanging out with my little brothers.

Today I was asked to hang out with Chase and Connor for a couple hours while my dad ran a couple of errands. We were up in American Fork, so we didn't want to come all the way down to Provo just to turn back around. We ended up spending two hours messing around at Target. We spent a lot of time going down all of the toy isles. Connor stopped at almost every toy to show either me or Scott, then he would put it back on the shelf.
Then Connor found a back pack, once he put it on, he didn't take it off the entire time. It was easy to get him to put down the toys, but I don't think we could have left the store without the back pack. He thought he looked pretty cool with the back pack, and he insisted on putting everytihng we were going to buy in it.
We then ventured over to the hats and sunglasses area. The boys had a fun time trying on hats and giving me hats to try on.
I turned around for one second and chase taps me on the back and says, "Ummm.... Amber. My tooth just fell out." Luckily Scott was with me and he took chase and got him a paper towel to stop the bleeding. Before the Tooth Came out...
And After...
The boys were starting to get tired of wandering around Target so we stopped in the book section and read a couple books.
It is a hard task to keep kids under control and entertained in one store for 2 hours. But I did it, and it was actually kind of fun.


  1. congrats. i do not envy you having to entertain 2 small boys in the Target toy aisle for any amount of time. you're a great sister.
    so- did you get sucked into buying the backpack- or did you stand firm?

  2. I did buy him the backpack, but he was way cute, and every time I go over to his house he puts mine on and walks around with it. The smaller backpack was much cuter.

  3. Plus, Amy, you've never had the experience of saying "no" to Connor. It ain't easy.

    The last time I was over there he wanted to play with me. I was tired (asleep) and "tried" to say no. He then proceeded to say "I want to play with uncle Nap (what he thinks my name is)" about 200 times in the next 30 minutes. In the end it was just easier to play with him. He's persistent. But then again... maybe that's how all boys are?

  4. Um. . I am retarded and didn't know that you had two other little brothers! That is awesome. You have always been so cute with kids!