Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Bryce, Jason, and Jocelynn were all over for dinner tonight. We we almost done eating and we were just talking when Bryce got in a really weird mood. I think that he was acting out different parts of movies, because he did the same thing over and over again, then he would just laugh. The first thing he did to get us all laughing was he stuck his fork in his mouth, then he started pounding his chest with his fist. He then coughs and spits out his fork... it doesn't sound very funny but it was hilarious at the time (We got him to do it a second time on camera here's the link). Then later he got a mouth full of water, we could tell by the look on his face that something was going on in his head. Then he looked and my mom with a smile on his face, we all started yelling "no" "don't" "Bryce" He loved the attention, he turned his head just in time to spit the water all over the floor instead of all over my mom. Overall it was a very entertaining dinner.

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