Thursday, January 29, 2009

I forget how easily I get frustrated.

I finally have the basement in livable conditions. I have a living room area, and I don't have a couch yet, so I figured why not pull out an old folding table and work a little on that quilt I started months ago. I forget how easily I get frustrated when I quilt. I make too many mistakes, and unpicking all of the stitches is a pain. I give up for now. I am don't want to unpick the stitches. But so far the quilt is looking pretty good. Check it out.
It is really bright and I am kinda proud of it. I never have really quilted a lot. I did a little bit when I lived with Matt and Lauren. So I have had to pretty much teach myself, Lauren did teach me a little about how to quilt. I can't wait to see what the finish product will look like. :)


  1. it looks really cool. you should be proud.
    i thought it was a fireplace you painted at first, and i was like, "yikes." it's much better coloring for a quilt. keep it up.

  2. The quilt looks great! Good colors and design.