Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cake decorating... is not my thing

Me and Allison promised my friend a couple weeks ago that we would make him a cake for his birthday. Yesterday happened to be his birthday. I had to work until 6, so I got a late start. I wanted to decorate it all cool, so I pulled out my a couplet little idea booklet things that my mom has with the icing tips. I decided I was going to make him a circus cake. Here are some pictures. It was really fun but it didn't turn out too well.

This is the view of the top... all of the little skwiggley orange lines are supposed to have an m&m on top and look like balloons but I forgot to buy m&ms.
This is the sid of the cake... not as fun as the top, but it is still kinda cute.
The lesson that I learned from this experience is that I really don't think I was made to make cakes. It was fun, but I am not very good at it. Plus, squeezing that tube of icing for so long hurts my hand.


  1. it's huge! your friend is very lucky to have someone who would do this for him, gifted or not. :) I think you did a pretty great job.

  2. you did a better job than I would do. it looks great. I agree, squeezing bags does hurt your hand after a while.