Wednesday, January 7, 2009

When the economy strikes the company you work for...

It isn't very fun to be at work. First one person gets let go, you don't think much of it. That person wasn't very good at their job anyway. Then the second person gets fired and you think, those two were dating, I guess they just weren't working as well as they used to before they started dating. Then someone else is gone, and it seems like no times past between the first person and the third. But time did pass. A week past and 3 people are gone. That probably is the last of it considering the fact that the management keeps saything that the department is going to be shorthanded. Then you go into work one day and somebody else has been let go. People are dropping like flies. Then you realize that you aren't the only person who has noticed that people keep leaving. People are starting to get nervous, wondering if they are going to be next person to go. Then you realize that your supervisors and the management are being all secretive. They are avoiding talking to people and they keep their doors shut. Something is going on. Then you over hear someone say that the company doesn't have enough money for the incentives... Crap, that is your job to deal with all of the incentives. You never directly gave them a reason to fire you, but why would they keep someone who manages something that they don't have anymore. Maybe I am at the top of the list for who is going next. I need my job dang it!


  1. no kidding right. and then when I realize that since work is shorthanded agents dont have time to use ZOE or Business Intelligence that my job will disappear too....we will be unemployed together.

  2. Maybe we should just quit together... haha