Thursday, January 8, 2009

Technology is taking over our lives...

Okay, so I just found out that a bunch of my relatives have blogs... Appherantly there is some pact they all have to go against the Harward ways and keep up with something so extreme. I'm in, I probably don't have as much to say as those who have lives, but I will give it a try. We don't have enough time to keep in touch with everyone so we use technology to post updates on our lives. Not a bad idea, I can check out what everyone else is up to without the hassle of talking to them. Some of my relatives are talkers, which is fine when I have the time, but most of the time when I think about them I don't have enough time to talk to them. Then on the other hand some of my relatives don't answer their phone, or return calls so I get completely cut off from them. But now, since I know they have a blog I can check it to see what is new. Technology is such a fantastic thing.
Okay, so we are redoing the office that I work at, it has taken months to get everything planned out and schedule things to come in. It is finally happening, and I couldn't be happier about it. Tomorrow, instead of working at a computer all day I will be in a training... not really sure how much fun it is going to be, but Lindsey said she was planning a few games. My days really aren't very interesting, not a whole lot happening, considering the only thing that I do is work, and... yep that pretty much covers my life.
Right now I am getting stuff to decorate the basement at my mom's. I am going to put a couch and a TV down there, put up some pictures, make it look nice. I have already almost finished painting the whole thing. Also I am going to be starting the painting that I am putting in my room soon. I did a couple quick versions of it, I haven't painted for a long time and figured a little practice wouldn't hurt. I am so excited to get started. I will have to keep you updated on that.

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  1. Amber!!

    Love it. So happy you've decided to join us. This IS way easier than TALKING to people- I agree. Keep it up. I'd love to get a peek into your life every so often. I'd also love to see pics of the basement when you finish it.