Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pay Day...

Today was pay day, so I decided to get a couple more things for my room. I wasn't sleeping very well so as a new year resolution I decided I wasn't going to use my computer while I was in bed. So for the last little bit I have sat on my floor while using my computer. It wasn't the most comfortable situation. So I bought a desk... YAY. It love it.
I also bought myself a night stand. I didn't have anywhere to put my alarm clock and so I figured might as well get a nightstand while I am at it. It looks pretty good.
I then decided I should hang up my painting. My room is finally looking like I am decorating it. It isn't so plain anymore. I don't think I have ever had my room actually decorated. So here is my painting actually up on my wall.

The living room is next. I am almost done painting it. I also am almost done dejunking the basement from when Jason lived down here. It will be a couple more pay checks before any real improvement is made, but I can't wait to get started.

Enough about my room... Last night I went to the Jeff Dunham show up in Salt Lake. It was really fun. I still can't believe how well he can do all the different voices without moving his lips. Here are some pictures!

Peanut, I couldn't really get a very good picture, he moves this puppet a lot.

Achmed the dead terrorist.


and Walter... It really was a good show, and the opener was really good too.


  1. your room looks awesome. I'm jealous!
    The ventriloquist guy looks like he was funny.

  2. How fun! I love your room and I'm still SO jealous you got to see Jeff Dunham!!! :D Looks like you had fun

  3. love the dark color of the furniture. can't wait to see the rest of the basement.

  4. ...I remember when you wanted to be an interior designer, you would have been good, you have great taste, and i love your painting!