Monday, November 15, 2010


The Little 5:
The number that falls between 4 and 6... and is a low number.
The number of points the Jazz are losing by this very second. Good thing it is a fairly low number because that means they can catch up faster.
The number of hours I slept for after class (I forgot I turned my alarm on my phone on silent)
It is the number of hours I should have spent studying for the midterm I have this week.
The number of guys that came to FHE tonight (I was the only girl), but I guess the activity was to watch the Eagles game... I like football, but I'd rather watch the Jazz.

The Big 5:
The number of pounds I plan on gaining over thanksgiving
The number of pages I have left to write for my 5 page molecular biology paper, which makes the number 5 seem like a bigger and more daunting number than the small 5 that was mentioned previously.
The time that I will probably go to bed, my sleeping schedule is all thrown off. That's easy considering that I don't have a job right now, I can sleep pretty much any time that I want to.
Most importantly, it is the number of months that Scott has left of his mission... Can you believe it? Neither can I. Time is actually passing. I swear time didn't pass the first 15 months or so. Now, it is starting to go by super fast! Which is exciting/scary.


  1. maybe it will also be the number of kids you have with scott?

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