Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I was so busy today, it was fun. I like to be busy. Plus I got to hang out with Jocelynn and my mom. I like both of them a lot. It makes work go by so much faster when I have my family there. I love jocelynn I am so glad that my brother married her. I didn't really know her very well before they got married and so I never really objected to her, but I thought she was kind of personality less. But I was so wrong. I love her, I love working with her. She makes me laugh, we just laugh. We don't get a whole lot of work done sometimes but I like talking to her. She's one of my only friend. How lucky am I? I get to work with a friend. Hey Joce, thanks for making me smile. It helps me relax. Family is a good thing.


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  2. HA! you knew i was getting on here. Im glad you like working with me, i like working with you too. even tho we dont work...i like pretending to work at work with you. i totally get what you blog about. like on Nov 5 when you talked about eventually burning out. i get that.