Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Last week I had the opportunity to go to California to help out with a Zrii event. We flew out really early on Thursday morning, and came back home on Sunday afternoon. Thursday was a day full of setup, and getting organized.

There was a huge convention going on at the same place that we were doing our event. They said there were around 100,000 people there. The company that owns World of Warcraft was the company doing the convention. So it was 100,000 nerds waiting in line to test a new game the Blizzcon was coming out with. I was amazed at how many people were dressed up like characters from games. They came from all over the US.

Friday was pretty busy, there was a lot of running around to make sure everything was taken care of. We got off a little early that night and we decided to see what was gong on downstairs. We just flashed our staff badges and they let us into the convention. We walked around a little bit and we got to see a dance competition. Wow, a gamers dance competition. I now know what a blood elf dance looks like.


Saturday was a little more relaxed. I ended up taking pictures of the event. So I wasn’t running around all day. We got off way earlier than expected and Ozzy Osborne was doing a show for the nerds downstairs. Again we tried to get in, this time we ran into a smarter security guard. Our staff badges didn’t match the Geek Squad’s staff badges. Our Events Manager told him we were with the marketing team and that we needed to get it. He walked away and said he would have to talk to his supervisor. 2 minutes later he told us that we could go it. Confidence is Key. It was great. Then we got all the way up to the front of the concert to watch Ozzy. One word to describe him is Creepy. I swear he has to be possessed. It makes a good story.


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