Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm Engaged

This time I am the one who is engaged. It’s even facebook official, thanks to Kelci. So here are the answers to all the questions that I have been getting. I will put headings on all the pieces of the story incase you just want to jump to the how he proposed.

Our Story

I laugh because we have what I consider to be the ideal BYU relationship. Growing up in Provo I always swore that I would never be one of those typical Provo girls when it came to dating. I didn’t even want to go to BYU because I felt like that was too cliché coming from Provo. Boy, am I glad that I did now that I look back on the last couple years. Me and Scott met Freshman year at a Service project at BYU on January 2st, 2008. He went to high school with my roommates and they invited him and his roommate Nick. We saw each other everyday after that for almost 6 months. We officially started dating on March 2, 2008. Then on May 6, 2009 he left on his mission to Japan. We wrote almost every week (we probably missed 15 letters between the two of us). He came home on March 17, 2011 and we started dating again. I guess it doesn’t quite follow the real trend for a BYU girl. If that was the case then I would have been married before he got home, and probably had a kid by now.

Getting the Ring

We went ring shopping a couple weeks ago, and picked out what ring we liked. Scott’s dad is friends with the owner of a jewelry store in Provo so we when to him to get a deal. We ordered the ring and they told us to come back in a couple days to look at the wax model to make sure it is what we wanted. When we looked at the wax version we made a couple changes to how it looked and then sent it off to get made. They told us it would take about a week to get it back. Then they called and pushed it back a little further. Scott wouldn’t tell me what the new date would be so I felt like they extended the finish date by FOREVER. Then on top of that we had to have it shipped out of state so we could save some money on the tax. So it got shipped up to Wyoming for my dad to ship back to us. I guess this was a bigger hassle than we bargained for. When the FedEx guy showed up he said that he needed Scott Robinson to sign for it and that he would need ID. Luckily they were able to call the manager of the FedEx store there and explain the circumstance. My dad was coming to Utah anyway so instead of shipping it back he just brought it to us. Me and Scott were sitting in the car, and we were both dying to see the ring so we opened the first box, and then the second box, and then the ring box’s box, finally we get to the ring box. What does Scott do? He tells me to shut my eyes while he looks at the ring. As much as I really wanted to look I closed my eyes as he told me how shiny and pretty it looked.

Getting Engaged

Me and Scott are your typical working students. We work, go to school, and sit in the library all day studying. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with Spring classes because they go twice as fast as classes during the regular semester. We just finished round one of midterms so we haven’t had much time to do anything. Usually we try to do something ‘fun’ when I don’t have to work the next morning (this means I can stay up later that 8 or 9 at night). This week I had Friday off so I knew Thursday was our night to go out. Since we already had the ring I figured that there would be a good chance that this is when Scott would ask me. I had been bugging him all week saying things like “I don’t care how you propose, you can just ask me”, or “You know, we could get engaged right now, if you want to”. Just stupid things trying to figure out when in the world he was going to ask. Thursday we finished up our classes and we went to the library to do some studying. Then I asked him what the plan was for the night. He said that we should go out to eat and then go to a movie. My response was “… and then?”. He just smiled and said “and then I have a surprise for you”. Really he was going to make me sit through a dinner and a movie? Lame!

We went to PF Changs for dinner, the place we went on our very first date, and also on our first date after he came home from his mission. There was a date night special thing where we got soup, an appetizer, 2 entrees and then a mini dessert for each of us. Dinner was great and I was anxious just to get the movie over with so I could get my surprise. Scott got up to go wash his hands after we ate, and I debated whether it would be fair for me to pay for dinner or not. I decided that Scott would be pretty upset if I did. Scott had just sat back down at the table when the waiter came up with the check and the fortune cookies. I was way confused because there were 3 cookies on the plate the he brought. Which probably was good, I was too worried about there being 3 cookies that I didn’t realize that they weren’t wrapped. Me and Scott both grabbed a cookie and he cracked his and put the fortune face down, and then looked at me like, “you go first”. So I opened up my cookie and the fortune said “Amber, will you marry me?” Next thing I know Scott is on his knee next to the booth we were sitting at with the ring box asking me to marry him. Of course I said yes! A few minutes later the waiter came up and said “Are we celebrating?” He opened up a bottle of sparkling cider and poured them into some champagne glasses for us. It was way cute, and I no longer have a boyfriend… he’s been upgraded to my fiancé.

Scott has been in my life for 1216 days so far and I am looking forward to the many more ahead of us!

Wedding Bells

Picking a wedding date has been harder than I thought. Before he left we picked the date August 6, 2011. It was more of a joke, but the more we joked about it the more serious the idea became. That date just seemed perfect. It was before school started for most people, so it would be good timing for anyone who was coming out of state to be here. It was August so the weather would be warm, possibly even hot (I really don’t like cold). My wedding pictures would have color to them instead of a white background. Scott’s little sister got engaged a few weeks ago and her wedding is scheduled for August 12th. That is only 6 days apart (incase you couldn’t do the math). Which I feel bad for his family, having to do 2 weddings in less than a week, that’s really stressful. Luckily they only have one daughter getting married, not 2. I think that we will be able to handle most of the stressful stuff about our wedding so they won’t have to worry about it. August 19th is still in the running, but as of right now we are leaning toward August 6th. If you have an opinion on my date, lets hear it. I will finalize it soon.

I think that covers everything so if you have any other questions or things that you want to know just comment and I will either do another blog post or write back.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! love the proposal. gorgeous ring. i vote for the 6th; chad and i got married 4 days apart; you can do it. :)

  2. Love this post!!! I can't wait to see you again, and see the ring! I still haven't seen Scott since he came home, either!

    If I can vote for a date... I pick the 19 so I can be there! But the 6th will be lovely if you do that one, too!

    I love you and I am so so so excited for you!

  3. YEAH!!!!!! good job, scott.

    go for the 6th.

  4. love the ring!! Congrats and have fun planning a wedding. have you chosen the place yet??

  5. Amber!! THis is wonderful! I'm so happy for you. I can't wait for the wedding. August weddings are THE BEST!!

  6. YAY!! I'm so happy for you Amber! what a cute proposal and a beautiful ring! I hope the wedding comes together smoothly and that everything's just the way you want it. Love you guys!