Thursday, August 30, 2012

We moved...

So this is probably old news to anybody who knows me, but Scott and I moved.

After Scott and I got married we moved into my mom's basement. It was great, we had our own space, I got to do all of the decorating and we didn't have to pay very much rent. My mom had told me that she was planning to go through and get the house ready so we could put a sign out front to see if we could sell it in three or four months. About a month after she started this project we were told that we had a buyer and a month to move out.

It couldn't have come at a worse time. I was trying to get all of my classes finished so I could graduate, and Scott was trying to get all of his stuff together for his dental school applications. We were just busy... and clock was ticking. This may or may not surprise you, but I put of getting all of my stuff packed up until the last minute possible. What I didn't realize was how much stuff someone could collect up until college. I had my room upstairs which contained all of my per-college life, and then the things I had collected since starting college that I kept in the basement.

It was weird to think that I no longer had a home. The place that I lived for half of my life wouldn't be a  place I would ever visit again. I think that half of everything I owned ended up going down to the nearest DI. Yet I still had plenty of boxes to take with me, and Scott still thinks I have too much stuff.

Well, we moved into Scott's parent's basement which has been great. It has been nice having a kitchen in the basement (although we still haven't used it much), their basement has a lot more space and we have a bigger bedroom. Rent is even cheaper here too. Moving was a pain, but now that it's all said and done it was definitely worth it.

The last day of the move we were packing up our bed and frame and we found this behind our bed.

We painted it on the wall when we painted the trim in our bedroom. I totally forgot that it was there until our bed was moved out of our room. I love Scott, and he was so excited when I told him I didn't care if he painted on the wall.


  1. How cute! I hope you are all settled into your new place!

  2. WHAT?? YOU procrastinated packing?? i don't know who you could have got that from... lol.