Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Working... FINALLY

This was the longest summer of my life... We moved out here with Steve and Heidi at the beginning of June hoping that I would be able to get a job. Well, the job-hunt took much longer than I anticipated. When we came out here, Scott still had an online class that he was trying to finish. Which meant that he was studying all day while I was... doing anything I could to keep busy. After interviewing for two jobs at the Medical School (10 interviews) I was offered both positions. It was nice having an option to choose what job I wanted to take. I decided to take the job working in the Ophthalmology department.

I have now worked for a month, and so far I have really enjoyed it. It is so different than anything else I have done in the past. I work as an administrative assistant to 3 retina doctors at the hospital. Some of the things that come across my desk are pretty interesting. It really has gotten me to think about how I really wanted to be a doctor. I don't think my grades would allow me to, but if I could go back I would probably try to do something in the medical field. Maybe get a Nursing degree instead of my Exercise Science degree. Maybe I will go back to school sometime once Scott is done with school. For now, I get to experience all the behind-the-scene happenings at the office.

Life is good right now, I am so happy to be back to work, Scott is back in school, and we are doing great! Milwaukee has been fun so far, and I think that we will enjoy being out here for the next 4 years.

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