Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Have you ever felt like you did the best that you could, and were quite satisfied with how well you did it. Then just one little fact changed, you find out that you were wrong. That one little mistake, that one little fact can ruin everything. All of the studying, all of the work, all of the homework. All wasted, because one forgotten fact. Everything is destroyed. The future, not just the imediate future, but for the rest of your life kind of future. Not only were you wrong, but you are a failure. There isn't anything that can change the fact that you messed up the rest of your life. I failed my chemistry test, not just barely failed it. But like majorly failed it. I knew all the formulas, how to calculate wavelength, what it's relationship was to the frequency. I knew everything that I was supposed to. I thought I knew my conversions. . . Such a stupid mistake off by 3 decimals, there were so many problems with that conversions, and all of them will be 3 decimals off. My science GPA can't take a hit like this, medical schools won't even give me a second glance. What now?

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  1. Aww it'll be okay. One test won't ruin your life :) But I know that the teacher must give you some slack if you just explain the situation. If he sees that everything was off by the same amount, he must give you something. I'm proud of you anyway! You are amazing.