Sunday, September 21, 2008


I thought that I would explain why I chose the name for my blog. It is just a nickname that one of my friends calls me. It sounds really funny when other people use it, but it is just normal for her. I have been thinking a lot lately about life. What do I really want to do. What are my dreams. How can I acheive them? I really need to work on a bunch of stuff, I need to get on top of things. Focus more on school, spend more time studying. I work a lot, and I think that I am doing well and excelling. I want to be a doctor, and so I need to get good grades, it is manditory. I need to get an "A" in my chemistry class, which is the one that I am really worried about. I also really need to get an "A" in American Heritage. I think that I will be able to write some good papers, I just need to talk to my dad and stuff to get some good ideas. I need to learn how to just say no to people. I don't have enough time to have a social life. What is more important to me? Medical School or a social life... Medical school of course.

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  1. Amber-bero!!! I loooove you!!!!

    I'm so proud of you dedicating your life like this. You are getting so good this semester, I can already tell. You are going to be an amazing doctor.