Monday, March 8, 2010

A Month Later and a lot has been going on

1) I traded in my Jetta, and got myself a little blue Honda civic. I am so glad to be out of my old car. My payment stayed about the same, but this time it isn’t a lease. I am excited to finally be buying a car… and all on my own. Look how big and independent I am getting.

2) Birthdays Galore. My Mom’s Birthday, Jason’s Birthday, Scott’s Birthday, and Jocelynn’s Birthday.

Dinner for Jason and my Mom


Jocelynn’s Birthday Dinner.

3)Hanging out with Friends… I haven’t done that in a long time!

IMG_0103 IMG_0053

4)  Visiting Bryce in the hospital. He isn’t in the hospital anymore, but he cracks me up.

 IMG_0188 IMG_0191 IMG_0169 IMG_0180

5) Timpview Basket ball game with Chase. I hardly get to see my little brothers these days. It was good to get out and hand out with Chase for a while. He taught me one thing… I NEVER want to have kids.



6) My mom started dating again. One of her friends invited her and this guy over for dinner a couple weeks ago. Then just last week he asked her to go out on Tuesday, Wednesday they went to lunch, and Thursday they went out again. I am super excited for her to start dating again. I have some mixed feelings about it though. I used to come home and watch a movie or a show with my mom, now she doesn’t even get home until after I go to bed. I kinda miss her.

7)I had a friend get divorced, a friend get married, and a friend try to get pregnant… (still don’t know if she is or not). I can’t believe how much has happened.

8) I got 2 packages from Scott, he’s doing great. He was just asked to be trainer and he is kind of nervous about it. He’s pretty cute, I like him.

9) I haven’t quit my job yet… I don’t know if I want to. I keep going back and forth on the subject. It scares me to have to possibly get new job.


  1. why was bryce in the hospital? he is ok- right?

    great that your mom is dating again.

    happy belated birthdays to susan, jason, scott, & jocelyn.

  2. 1. mine and damon's first car was a jetta, too (and your dad co-signed on it). congrats for doing something you've always wanted to do: own a car. :
    2. yes, happy birthday to everyone
    3. glad you're able to have some downtime with friends. maybe that's possible now because your mom is not as available?
    4. did bryce have pneumonia again? he does look like he's being pretty hilarious.
    5. do not let that single experience influence you. having your OWN kids is so different than having someone else's (horribly misbehaved) kids.
    6. so awesome for your mom. i understand the mixed feelings part. i hope this guy is a wonderful guy. do you know him at all?
    7. crazy. crazy. so sorry about your friend who got divorced. i hope it was the best decision for them.
    8. how long as scott been out? and, it's seriously awesome that he send YOU packages.
    9. also understandable in this economy. even though you hate it, there is some peace of mind in knowing that you HAVE a job. it could be worse.

    i'm glad you are hanging in there. sounds like life is just fine: ups, downs, excitment, love, frustrations. welcome back to blogging.