Friday, March 26, 2010


Update on me:

This isn’t a very interesting topic. I do the same thing everyday, day after day. Not much new happens, the worst part of my week is taking tests… I swear I have to take another test almost every week. The best part of my week is when I get a letter from Scott.

I guess I do have something to tell. About a month ago I went to the doctor, he suggested that I go get an EKG. About a week after I got it the doctors office called to let me know that I needed to make an appointment with a Cardiologist because my EKG came back abnormal. That’s all they would tell me, so I scheduled an appointment with the Cardiologist. Yesterday I went in, and he took a look at the EKG, and said, “This is a totally normal EKG, it doesn’t look like there is any problem” Awesome, I spent almost a month thinking there was something wrong with my heart… I am a little relieved to know that my EKG was normal, they did a couple other tests just to make sure everything is okay, and I will find out the results soon.

This weekend is going to be my first weekend not having a date in a little over a month. I have mixed feelings about it. I like getting out and doing stuff, it isn’t necessarily the company, it is just getting out of my routine that I like. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain guys I would rather go out with, but I miss Scott.


Update on my Mom:

She is still dating Steve, and she never comes home anymore. She comes to me for advice on what to where and whether or not she should text him. It is kind of weird being the person that people go to for advice (by people I mean people who are older than me) She seems happy to have somebody, and she keeps saying that she forgot how fun it is to date. Things are going well, she’s up in Park City with him and his kids tonight.


Update on Scott:

He’s doing great! He’s still amazing! I got a letter/tape from him today. I can’t even explain how much I miss him. It’s hard having him gone. But he hasn’t missed a week yet, I get a letter every single week and packages on special occasion. He says it is finally starting to warm up in Japan, and is looking forward to getting away from the cold. I bet he won’t be saying that when he is having to go out in the heat of summer. It’s almost been a year… Can you believe that? It’s hard to describe, but time goes by so fast, but so slow at the same time.


Anyway, that’s an update on what is going on in my life at the moment.


  1. amber, i like getting updates from you. i like knowing what is going on in families lives.

    awesome that your mom is still dating. how many kids does he have? dating can be lots of fun.

    keep posting when you get a chance.

  2. just passing by and read a tidbit

    the doctor must enjoy your insurance but the ekg doc didn't get the HMO memo to milk you on the co-pays...

    good for you.

    check out my blog if you wish...kinda shocking..but whatever...