Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time to blog again?

Lessons that I have learned in the past month or so:

  1. Steve (the guy my mom is ALWAYS hanging out with) shouldn’t be allowed to get our mail… he thinks it is funny to my letters from Scott. FYI it isn’t funny… at all.
  2. Dating is tiring. I have been on quite a few dates in the past couple weeks. I have fun, but boy is it tiring. Sometimes it is like an interrogation. No I’m not really dating anyone. I don’t really plan on it either. I still haven’t met someone who I like more than Scott. (Who by the way has less than a year left :)…)
  3. My civic gets much better gas mileage than my Jetta did. With the gas prices going up again it makes a big difference.
  4. People like me for me… kinda weird. I have times where I like to have fun and go a little crazy… and people still like me. They might even like me more because I don’t act like I am constantly trying to make a good impression on people.
  5. I like being crazy, spontaneous, fun… With school and work I almost forgot that things outside of that existed. It is nice to go out every once in a while and break the chain of monotony.
  6. I act older than I am… I have been told this many times in the last couple of weeks. I hope it is meant as a good thing.
  7. I LOVE foot rubs… I never really liked people touching my feet… but it turns out if they want to rub them than it is totally worth it.
  8. Running makes you lose weight… No, I wasn’t really trying to lose weight, nor do I feel the need to lose it, but it’s happening. Which is weird because when I run I eat more. So shouldn’t the extra calories + exercise balance out?
  9. Don’t drink milk before going running… ugh! worst feeling in the world.
  10. I made it a full year with Scott being gone… I guess I’m not going to die. It just feels like it sometime. I still miss him like crazy.

I’m sure there are a lot more, but this will do for right now. 

1 comment:

  1. what is steve doing with scott's letters? reading them? hiding them? eating them? you left out the operative word. whatever it is, it sounds like you guys really get each other. ha.

    i was going to say more, but i have a headache and can't think clearly. glad you had some time to blog.