Friday, April 30, 2010

1 Gallon down

This morning  I decided to give blood… that’s right, every 8 weeks I go in to give blood. There were a couple year long periods that I couldn’t do it. But now I am all good, no new tattoos, and no going to Africa in the last year. I have given blood lots of times before, and I laugh when the person taking the blood keeps asking me if I’m okay. Lets be honest, if needles scared me I don’t think I would be planning on going into the medical field. It’s not like it hurts to give blood, and it’s not like I act like bothers me.

The good part about it… I get to wear this cute pink bandage for the next 5 hours.


I’ve even given enough blood to get this little pin… 1 gallon, which means I have given 8 units of blood. Not that 8 units is very impressive, but it’s the first landmark. Pretty exciting.IMG_0249


  1. I admire those of you who can give blood. My veins are so hard to find that everytime I need a blood draw it is a nightmare for me. So kudo's to you and thank you