Friday, April 30, 2010

Dating… ugh!

Having Friends makes me happy, but dating just stresses me out. Going out on “dates” with friends is easy, super fun, and enjoyable. Most of them have known me long enough to understand that I have a missionary, and I am not looking for anything too serious right now. I’m fine with dating, but I want to wait for Scott to get back before I make any decisions. I have been out with way to many guys in the last week and a half. 3 of them I have been friends with for a while, and I love hanging out with any of them... One in particular that I have a really good time with. Then the other 2 were just kind of random that asked me out almost the first time we met. I just don’t know how to act…"No I don’t really want to hold you hand”, “Ummm… you realize you aren’t the only guy I’m dating… right?” Seriously… can’t I just be friends with all these people? I hate being mean, I want a social life, but I am just out there to have fun right now, don’t want anything serious. 3 of 5 of them kissed me… all I have to say is “Come on Boys, learn how know when a girl doesn’t really want a kiss” I guess I am just that lovable.

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