Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clean Clean Clean…

I got off work a little early today, so I decided to clean up a little. I wish I would have taken a before picture, but my basement is finally starting to look good. I did a lot to change the way it looked…

  • I moved the painting from my bedroom out to the living room, nobody really ever goes in my room. I probably wouldn’t let them. That is the next room on my list of places to clean.
  • I bought a black curtain to go over the window behind the couch. I used to have a bright pink blanket tacked to the wall to block out the light. In reality, it blocked out some light but kind of just made the whole room look pink while the sun was out.
  • I brought out my night stand from my bedroom, it makes a cute end table for the couch. I wasn’t really using it in my room anyway.
  • I cleaned the carpets. Now they look so much better than they did before.
  • I’ve had the black rug for a while now, but I can place it so much better now that I am not trying to strategically hide stains in the carpet.

I’m pretty excited. It looks pretty cute down here now! I just need a couple more things to finish the other half of the room. IMG_0235


  1. looks awesome. i love the feeling of a freshly-cleaned and organized space. good luck keeping it that way. i really love the painting; i thought it was your window at first!

  2. Dang girl that looks good!!! I love it! Im so proud of you too for cleaning up!