Friday, June 11, 2010

One of the calls I hate getting.

It isn’t anything serious, nobody is in trouble, and nobody got hurt. I got a phone call today from one of those people that nobody likes to get a call from. My Bishop! I already have a calling so that crosses one thing off the list of why a bishop would call me. I am in the the Relief Society presidency, so maybe he knows of someone who could use my help, or needs a friend or something. I wouldn’t have minded if he was giving me a personal call to remind me about our “extra relief society meeting” aka enrichment activity tomorrow. I even hoped that he would ask me to make the Sacrament programs for Sunday. All those would have been simple. I didn’t get so lucky this time. I get to give a talk on Sunday, and I would like to thank my dear bishop for the short notice he gave me. I’m not very good at giving talks. In fact, I am terrible at giving talks. The last one I gave was pretty much copied from someone’s blog I follow, a couple tweaks here and there and I had a witty and entertaining talk to give. I don’t think any of the blogs I follow have anything written about the Sacrament and Why we take it, but if you’re reading this, and you know of someone who has written on their blog about it (and wouldn’t mind if I stole it) let me know. Any ideas would help, I really hate writing talks. I’m not very funny, entertaining, or knowledgeable when in comes to gospel topics.

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  1. good luck on your talk. sorry, i am not any help. i hate giving talks too.