Thursday, January 13, 2011

It has been a while

I'm sure you are all wondering if I am surviving my hectic schedule... my response to that is you have no need to be concerned about me, I dropped 3.5 credits which leaves me at a very doable load of 13.5 credits. I actually enjoy my schedule a lot. Last semester my schedule was the opposite as I have now. I am not the type of person who will call out of work because I am tired. So starting my day off with work, even if it does mean waking up at midnight, means that I will have a much more productive day.
Last semester, I fell into a terrible habit of sleeping in, and missing my first one or two classes. Now that isn't really an option, I go to work, then I go straight to school. Which give me a lot of time to study and get caught up on things (hence, this blogpost) Every semester I have never been able to attend any TA hours or go to any study groups because I always went to work and wasn't available until after it was pretty late. But now... I have so many options and I love it! Plus I love ALL of my classes (minus one) which is a pretty good ratio. I hated my first Chemistry class. All the material was new and foreign to me. This year I am taking two Chem classes and so far I am really enjoying it. There is a certain satisfaction in taking a concept that is new, and getting it (it also increases the satisfaction when you are one of the people in the class to have it 'click') I am a science person, and my first Chem class at BYU made me forget that. It is good to know that I am still smart, that feeling rarely comes at BYU.
My social life, has come and gone. To be honest, I kind of like it this way. Some of my past friends always expected certain things from me, and sometimes it is hard to live up to everyone's expectations (or even harder, living up to my own). If I have a job, and I am in school then chances are I do't really have a whole lot of time. I like people, don't get me wrong but I get enough interaction at school, work, and church.

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  1. you are incredible Amber! I'm amazed at what you are accomplishing and I'm soooo glad you're enjoying school and your new job! Good luck this semseter! I hope you get enough sleep and can also keep up with everything. Love you babe! 4 years 11 months and counting.... hehe.