Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Day of Class Analysis

I am super excited for this semester. Have I ever mentioned how much I used to love to dance? Dancing makes me happy. Dancing is my feel good drug. Sure, that is the only class so far that I have had this semester, but I think that it will make me happy. I am in such a good mood, plus I have a guy friend in that class which kind of makes everything better. I can practice, get really good. I think at the end of the semester I might even compete with him. That would be awesome. I competed a couple years ago, and I loved it. I will practice really hard and we will get really good. I think that dancing will help me relieve some stress because I have a couple really heavy classes in my schedule this semester. I am actually taking 2 dance classes this semester, both latin and standard ballroom bronze level. I am absolutely stoked that my schedule finally allows me to take classes that I want.
My next class is ASL... okay, this is how I am going to cheat the system. I am actually really good at ASL. The class is 4 credits, and really how hard can a level one ASL class be when you are fluent? Can you say GPA boost? Because I can, and I look forward to it. It really is quite amazing what a 4 credit A can do to your GPA. :) I just hope that I will feel the same way when I finish the class today. I really am not worried about understanding the material, I am just hoping that I don't have to do a bunch of busy work like writing papers and stuff... So I just finished with ASL. This will be the easiest class I have ever taken in my life. Today we learned like 5 words. Who, What, Where, Name, My... Oh and we learned how to count to ten. I know I am going to get super bored but heck... an A is an A.
My last class of the day is my cell biology class. I am actually really scared about taking this class because I didn't do so well in the prereq for the class. I hated molecular biology. I think this class is mostly about reading scientific journals and explaining how they came to the conclusions that they came to. At least that is the impression that I got from the syllabus. I am crossing my fingers that I just so happen to know someone in my class so I can have someone to study with (more so have someone to teach me the difficult principles on a one on one basis). This is one of the classes that I am more worried about. I suppose if I don't know anyone then I could get out of my box and introduce myself to someone. I wonder if having a study buddy actually helps. Maybe I should just become good friends with the TAs and attend all of the extra study sessions. Wow, I am already freaking out and I haven't even started the class yet. Turns out that this class is going to be HARD!!! I need to get nice and friendly with one of the TAs... that's the only way I am going to pass.

Worst part of today... I am now $486.05 poorer. Because of my stupid books!

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  1. I got a B in Cell Bio. If you need help let me know! Im sure it's a little different at BYU but I might be a little helpful?