Friday, December 24, 2010

Guess who I talked to...

My life is a wonderful life. I am head over heels for that kid. It was so awesome just to be able to talk to him again. It was almost like it was in person with the whole skype thing. I don't know if it made it easier or harder though. I didn't cry, which make this the first time out of all of the calls that I didn't cry. One thing that is kind of sad is that he still isn't sure on his release date. He has always told me that he thinks that it will be on April 15th. He still isn't positive on the date so I am crossing my fingers that another transfer doesn't get added. I think that I will cry if he stays longer(I don't think I will, I know that I will). He looked so good, and I just miss him so much. It was fun to see his family again. Cross you fingers that he comes home in April for my sanity. He is just so cute!

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  1. How happy that you got to see and talk to him! He's almost home! Just four-ish more months!!!