Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Gonna Be an Adventure

Step 1: Getting into Dental School

Scott has been able to interview with many of the schools he applied to over the past 6 months or so. Once the interviews were over we had to play the waiting game until December 3rd rolled around.  Dental schools can't send out acceptances until the December. Scott and I were in Florida and he was so worried that he would miss a call from one of the schools letting us know what our application status was. Luckily we didn't miss any calls, even though we were on roller coasters for a good majority of the day. We got exciting news from from a few schools, but not all the schools had made their decisions yet. Out of the schools we got accepted to UNLV seemed like the best choice, and we were excited to live in sunny, warm Las Vegas for the next four years. Scott has family there and one of my best friends from high school lives down there with her husband. As soon as we got the acceptance packet we made out a $750 check to hold Scott's spot for the entering class of 2013.

Step 2: Choosing a School

Last week Scott got an email from the director of admissions at Marquette letting him know that his acceptance letter was in the mail. We really had to think about what school would be the better fit for us. There were so many different things to consider. This was hard for me because I didn't go with Scott to Milwaukee when he interviewed and I have no idea what life would be like living in Wisconsin. After a lot of thought, and maybe a few tears (on my end), we decided on Marquette. (Too bad that deposit on UNLV is non-refundable)

If you don't know where Marquette is that's okay we had to look it up too. It looks like we will be moving this summer to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you still don't know where that is see the map below, Wisconsin is in red. The current temperature there as I write this is 1° F. So much for moving somewhere nice and warm for the next 4 years. Other than the weather we are very excited to be going to Marquette. It will definitely be different from what we are used to right now.

Step 3: Going to Dental School

We will be moving out to Wisconsin this summer, probably July or Beginning of August. That means I have 6 months or less to make plans with people before we leave. This may sound like a long time, but it seems like a lot of the time it takes that long to actually find something that will work between multiple people. 

Here are some of the things that make us excited to move to Wisconsin:
  • We will have a place of our own, we have been living with my parents or Scott's parents since we have been married. It will be fun to finally have a place of our own, although it will be a bit more expensive. 
  • Marquette has a good basketball team, it will be nice to be able to cheer for our school's team not just because we go there, but because they actually play well. 
  • Wisconsin has the GreenBay packers to cheer for. They don't play too close to Milwaukee, but after Scott's favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles, played so well this year we need a new team to cheer for. 
  • It will be an adventure. We don't know anyone that lives out there so we will have to get outside our comfort zone and make some friends. 
  • Chicago is only a couple hours away. I have only been to Chicago once when I was younger and Scott has never been. It will be fun living close enough to visit. Plus that is where the closest LDS temple is, and we have an excuse to go down every once in a while.
  • Scott is excited that he gets to start working with patients his first year at Marquette instead of waiting for his third year had we gone to UNLV. 
  • We get to make friends together. Right now it is my friends or Scott's friends (I like Scott's friends, and now consider them my friends too, but they will always be "Scott's friends"). With the friends we make while in Wisconsin they won't be just mine or just Scott's friend, we get to share them.
I don't know anyone in Wisconsin or anything about it. If you know someone who is familiar with Milwaukee and can give me the low-down on the good, the bad, and the ugly I would love to get some advice before we head out there. 


  1. super excited for you guys! congrats, scott.

  2. Chat with John! He served his mission in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. It looks like a fun place to live. We visited there a few years ago. He knows the perfect place for you to live. There is a complex owned by a guy who LOVES Mormon tenants and likes to rent to Mormon college students. And my cousin Scott and his wife live there in that complex, so you'd have someone to get to know.

  3. Awesome post! I'm really excited for you! And who knows what adventures you'll find? I had no idea when we moved here that it was like the used book capital of the universe ;)

    Oh- and I back date my posts to the date it happened so I actually just posted those pictures yesterday so you're super on top of it!