Saturday, August 17, 2013

Chalk Festival in BayShore and a Picnic

Steve had heard about a sidewalk chalk festival at the bayshore mall, something similar to what is done back in Utah at the Riverwoods mall. It is really impressive what can be done in a few hours. I enjoy drawing, but I definitely don't have the skills or patience to do some of the artwork that we saw. Check them out...
For the Birds

Monsters Inc 

Iron Man, probably my favorite
After we walked around and saw all of the chalk drawings we headed to the park to meet up with some of our friends for a picnic. These are our new dental school friends, Eric & Kimmy and Brady & Ali. We are so excited that we get along so well with them. We're all going to be around for the next four years. I'm excited for the next four years.

A little Frisbee at the Park

Kimmy, throwing a football
(something that I cannot due without embarrassing myself)

Our Dental School friends (Eric, Kimmy, Brady, and Ali)

My extremely cute husband

Otterpops... one of our favorite treats this summer.

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