Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What is wrong with these pictures?

IT IS THE MIDDLE OF APRIL. It definitely shouldn’t be snowing in the middle of April. Rain I can handle, but I thought that I was done having to deal with the snow until next winter. I hate scraping off my car, and I hate driving in the snow, just so everyone knows, Jetta's are the worst possible car to drive in the snow.   I am surprised that I am still alive. I have been patient, and I was fine with the snow through most of March, but April? Seriously?

On a better note, it looks like I might be getting my old job back. The one that I absolutely love. I got an email from one of the supervisors with some incentive stuff! YAY! I used to love going to work, I don’t HATE it right now, but I would love to go back to doing the incentives for the call center.

I also got to go out to eat with my mom and Kelci. I am pretty sure we brought home more food than we ate while we were there. When we first walked in I saw an old friend, that I haven’t seen in a while. He was with his girl friend, and considering the fact that we kinda dated in high school I decided to act like I didn’t see him.


It is kind of a dark picture, but it isn’t too bad considering it is taken with my phone. 

Then I got home to find a letter from the Department of Administrative Services for the State of Utah. I guess I won’t be getting my state tax return this year. Apparently there was a warrant out for my arrest. Goodness, they could have at least let me know. I got a ticket like 2 years ago, and they said to wait 14 days to get in in the system before I could pay it. I called 14 days later to make a payment, and they said they didn’t have it in the computer, and that I should wait 5 more days and call in. I called in again and they said they had no record of the ticket, and it doesn’t take that long to get a ticket into the system. It probably wasn’t turned in… okay, that’s fine, I don’t mind not having the ticket on my record. That is the only reason I could think of why there would be a warrant out for my arrest. I guess I fit in with Jason and my Dad now, since they have both had multiple warrants.

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  1. i can't believe you guys got snow again. it better not be headed here. i'm sick of it, too.
    too funny that you have a warrant out for your arrest. it probably has more to do with your family relations than you realize... :)
    hopefully your state return wasn't worth that much anyway.
    if you need a witness protection program, you're welcome to escape to seattle.
    hey- and keep an eye on brooke- i'm worried about her.