Friday, April 17, 2009

April 16, 2009

Okay, so Wednesday I got a call from Kelci pretty close to midnight. She was bawling, and all she said was, “I don’t think I can do this.” I guess she was sideways in the middle of the road… I grabbed a sweatshirt and ran down the road to see if I could help her out. By the time I got to her she managed to get the car partway into somebody’s driveway. I tried to back out, but the only thing that would happen is we would slide sideways. If we slid anymore than we would hit the persons mail box. We decided to leave the car, put a note on the persons doorstep letting them know that we would pick up the car tomorrow.

We got home and my mom came downstairs and asked where the car was, we told her, and then we made some hot chocolate, and watched a movie. Part of a movie, we ended up being too tired to finish it. We actually went to bed around 2 or so.

At 7 I woke up to go shovel the driveway… 2 feet of snow. I hate shoveling. Then my mom came with me to go pick up her car. Brother Andrews was nice enough to bring his four wheeler to plow the way so we could back up. Thanks. As soon as I got home I climbed back into bed. I was so tired.

When I got back from work I went straight to bed. I have been so stinkin tired lately I can barely handle it. I slept until 11 and Scott came and got me for a midnight movie. We saw state of play… I think that was what it was called. I think I was too tired to understand. At least it was entertaining… until I got confused.

I also called the court today. I swear a bunch of idiots work there. I told them that the person that I talked to couldn’t find my ticket, and they said the police officer must have misplaced the ticket. She informed me that it was against their policy to say that the police officer might have misplaced it. If I knew that I had a ticket I would have paid it, I’m not stupid.  I asked why I never received notice that they issued a warrant. She didn’t have an answer for me. Then she said that I was good to go, my taxes covered my ticket and bail… My letter says that if I don’t show up in court that they will reissue a warrant. I asked her, and she said that they wouldn’t. I am going to call back in a couple days to double check to make sure that another warrant isn’t going to be issued if i don’t come in.


  1. i can't even believe you guys have this kind of snow right now. poor kelci. i hate driving in the snow, too.

    can you still blog from jail? doesn't sound like that situation is really resolved yet. you better be keeping good notes of all the people you talk to and the promises they're making you.

  2. GO BACK TO COURT!! I mean it. I just had to deal with the EXACT same problem. Was it the Orem 4th district by chance? Cause that's who it was with me. PLUS, if you go to court, and plead guilty, the judge might refund you some of the money - the money they took for the warrant fee. Just go. It's a good idea. =)