Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catching up… Again

These last two weeks have been super crazy. I took an extension for my chemistry class, and I thought that the deadline was the end of may... I was wrong, the deadline was May 1st. Of course I procrastinated, and didn't realize that the deadline was coming up until April 24th. I seriously studied the entire weekend. (I wasn't going to study at all on Sundays, but this was an exception.) I went in on Monday and took the first test I needed to take. 91% without the curve. I guess all of that studying paid off. I was supposed to take the final the following Wednesday... I would have failed, but my teacher went ahead and gave me a little more time before I have to take the test.
I started my spring classes (Physics and a Physics lab) My lab is before my lecture, so sometimes it is pretty hard to keep up with what is going on in lab. I feel bad for the people who have to put up with me... after a lot of the equations I have to ask, why do we do that? Where do we get that equation. I am glad that people are so patient... I'm not stupid, I just haven't learned this yet. Then when lecture comes around, everything makes so much more sense. I take my lecture up in Salt Lake, the class is supposed to be easier up there. I will find out on Tuesday when I take my first test. My teacher up there is this old guy that will make a joke, and then he has this grin... you can tell that he is so proud of himself when he makes some people in the class laugh. The class isn't too hard, and there isn't any homework.
Scott left on Wednesday morning (May 6th)... so I have spent a lot of time with him the last couple of weeks. Which was good and bad. I love spending time with him, but now I am not sure what to do with my time... I didn't realize my lack of friends until now.  We spent some time with his family, playing card games and stuff. I used to win almost every time I played a game with them, but I think I got last place every game we played. Monday night I went out to eat with him and his family. I haven't ever been to Tepanyaki before, it was a lot of fun. dinnerdinner 2

Then we went bowling... I thought  I was going to get a better score then him and his family. I came out in second. The second game I didn't do very good at all. It was still fun. bowling

We got to say bye on Monday night because I wouldn't have a chance to see him on tueday before he got set apart. We both agreed we didn't want to say good-bye after he was set apart. So, Tuesday was a long day, and Wednesday morning he called me before he left.
I have gotten a little more sleep since he left. I don't really have anything else to do when I get back from school and work. It's been pretty rough... I didn't realize how much I talked to Scott on the phone, or texted him. I have picked up my phone like 100 times to call or text him, then I remember that I can't. I will probably get a letter from him in a couple days... I love letters.
Work. I have my up and down days at Zrii. One day I want to quit, then next I am totally fine with my job. Lately the calls have been kind of slow, and so we have been watching TV the last hour or so.


The first week in June we are having a convention in Salt Lake, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and Ali Larter are all going to be there. It is pretty exciting. The 21 days leading up to convention we are doing a "21 day challenge". We are supposed to do some breathing exercises, and meditation, along with eating better and 15 min of exercise, and of course Zrii. I guess we will see how that goes. I am kinda excited to see if it makes a difference.

I just got a calling today too… I am the publicity co-chair. This will be fun. 


  1. fun to catch-up. i'm glad you're missing scott [more than you thought you would]; he sounds like such a great guy.
    congrats on your chem test; good luck on that final. i don't envy you at all. i hate chemistry and managed to avoid it both in high school and college.

    thanks for posting. i really love to feel connected to family- and this always helps.

  2. I remember when Tony Robbins came here for a conference. Ray and I and several other friends were asked to help behind the scenes and it was really interesting and fun. He is a great speaker.

    I hated chemistry, too. It's a good thing I could memorize well because nothing made sence to me. We didn't have physics in my high school when I was there.

    Which mission was Scott going to? I can't remember.

  3. Scott is in the Saporro Japan mission. He will be in the MTC until July 27th.