Sunday, November 27, 2011

Being Married

Before me and Scott tied the knot I seriously thought that I would have so much to blog about… how exciting newly wed life is. Well, there isn’t as much exciting things going on as I thought there would be. I’m not exactly sure what I thought I was going to have to write about, but whatever it was it doesn’t exist.
Being married isn't exactly what I thought it would be. People would tell us all the time how things would be once we got married. Some of them have been true and some of them not so true.
· I thought that once we were married we would get to see each other all the time. Man, was I wrong about that. When you’re dating you make time to see each other, when you’re married you live together so you would think that at some point two schedules would match up. Most of the time, for me and Scott they don’t.
· You gain weight once your get married. People always say that once you get married you will gain weight… I swore that I would never be that girl. Now that I have been married for just over 3 months I would have to say that this rumor is true, at least for me. Maybe it’s because I never made a full dinner when I was by myself but I do most nights now, or maybe it is because Scott is ready for dinner right about the time I am wanting to go to bed.
· Once you get married you become anti-social. Well, I am not sure if this really has anything to with getting married, but I have only hung out with 2 of my friends since getting married. Once school started my time became much more limited.
· It’s easier to get your homework done after you get married. I would have to say that it is actually much harder. When you are dating you can say, give me an hour to do homework, then you can come over. When you’re living with your best friend you just get distracted.
· You have to deal with the in-laws. Well, I do have to deal with the in-laws but they are almost more my family then my actual family is. I married into a really great family.
· People will start asking you when you are going to have kids. Kelci has asked me more than once, and anytime anyone brings up babies around my mom she gives me that look of approval.
· You love each other more every day. This is true, sometimes I just look at Scott and get all giddy, hence the distraction and lack of finishing my homework.
· That once you live together you will get sick of each other. Nope, I am still just excited to see him as the first time I saw him after he came home from his mission, just less nervous.
Those are just a few of the things that I could think of that people told me my life would be like after I got married. It's been fun, and there has been a lot of change but I love the way my life right now.


  1. ha ha. I remember feeling some of the exact same things! I'm still never sick of Tim and want to spend eery second with him I can even if we've spent all day together. I think it just shows you found the right one! :) It did seem like I became less social, I don't know if I was just busier, or partly that when you don't have wedding plans etc you suddenly have as much to talk about, and when it came down to it I just wanted to be with Tim. Also we did a lot less going on dates doing just fun fluffy stuff cause it cost money and more let's clean out the office together tonight cause it doesn't really matter what we did, we were together. Love you! Only a few more weeks til Christmas break!

  2. No kidding, you're antisocial now! :) I still haven't seen Scott since he got back from Japan. I have a present I brought from Hawaii for you. We still need to go to Thai Mango! I'm free every day of the week after 5 until 10.