Friday, June 21, 2013

A place to call Home

It's so weird to think that we live in Wisconsin. I'm not going to lie, it has taken me a while to add the word "Wisconsin" to my vocabulary. Wyoming comes so much more naturally, maybe because that is where my dad lives and where Scott's parents are from. We live in Milwaukee Wisconsin and I can finally say it without having an awkward hesitation before I remember where we live.

Scott and I have been married for days 685 days, and this is the first time that we have had a place of our own. Most of our first year was spent renting my mom's basement, and the majority of our second year was spent living in Scott's parent's basement. Now we are living in our first apartment together. Steve and Heidi are living with us for the summer, but this place is still OURS. 

The move went great. A week before we moved we got all of our things packed into a large crate and had it shipped to Milwaukee. The worst part about the move was the fact that our stuff didn't get there until a few days after we did because it couldn't be delivered on a weekend. 

We got the car packed with all of our stuff the night before we left with the things that we thought we would need to get through the weekend along with the things we forgot to back in our crate (luckily it all fit). Bright and early the next morning we started our adventure to where we will call home for the next 4 years. We stopped for the night in Lincoln Nebraska after 13 hours in the car. Nebraska had a lot of fields, silos, barns, and not a whole lot of anything else.

This is what we saw on for most of our drive through Nebraska.
 This isn't a picture I took, but this is exactly how Nebraska looked.
It was pretty stormy during the drive, but when we got to the hotel we saw this rainbow. 
Our second day of driving was much better, and much shorter. We were able to finish listening to Eragon on tape and finally see where we were going to live for the next four years. 

I never realized how annoying it would be not to have any chairs or furniture to sit on. We would all just hang out on our air mattresses. Our first couple of days were pretty much one long extended nap. Our air mattress must have had a small hole in it. We would go to bed, and then would wake up in the middle of the night pretty much laying on the floor. Once we bought the large rug it made the floor quite a bit more comfortable.

The weekend we got here we also went shopping for a couch and a mattress. Our mattress was delivered the next day, but unfortunately the couch wasn't able to be delivered for almost an entire week. That is a long time to go without having something to sit on. When we got the couch it was much bigger than we were anticipating. I guess that is our fault for not measuring.

This is where we originally were planning to put it... that plan didn't last too long
We painted the apartment the second day we were here since we didn't have any of our stuff yet. The wall in the living room was red and the wall in the kitchen was orange. I am bummed that I didn't take any pictures before we painted, however I have the pictures that were sent to us from the couple who lived here before us. Here are some pictures, we're still working on the whole decorating thing. Eventually we will have more to hang up. I guess there was a paint spill on the carpet, so right before we moved in new hardwood floors were put in. 



Our apartment is still a work in progress, and as we get things more put together I will post more pictures. We have only been here for 3 weeks, but it is starting to feel like home. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your adventure. I think that your place looks great and I can't wait to see more of it! AKA post more pics please:)Call it the PPP:)

  2. yay! so happy for you. your place looks great. although i was a fan of the orange wall. did you find a job? hope to hear from you more often.

  3. So happy for you! I wish we could come visit :)

  4. I'm so glad to see pictures! It looks fabulous!!! I can't wait to see the rest. And I've definitely had a hard time adding Wisconsin to my vocabulary.Love you guys!

  5. It is fun to make it our own... Brooke - I didn't mind the orange color, but the light blue definitely lightens up the kitchen. Allie - We would love to have a visitor any time after August, Steve and Heidi are in our second room until then.