Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh so Blessed

I sometimes have a hard time remembering that everything works out. It might not  be the way I hoped but in the end I usually can see why things are the way they are. I have been so blessed my entire life, sure I have had some rough times but it is because of those things that I am who I am today. Isn't that usually how it is? In the beginning it's always, "Why me?" and they you get further down the road and think, "Hmm... I get it."

When Scott told me that he thought we should move out to Wisconsin to go to Marquette I wasn't quite sure how to react. I already had it in my head that we were going to buy a house in Las Vegas, and I would have one of my best friends from high school not too far away. When Scott told me that he felt like we should go to Marquette I didn't see it coming. I was a little caught off guard, and completely intimidated by the unknown. I don't think I would even be able to point to Milwaukee on a map without googling it first. I had only been to wisconsin once, when I was like 13, and it was only for a couple hours. He called to tell me during one of my breaks at work, and the rest of my day was spent looking at maps of Milwaukee and googling the crime rates of the area. As much as I wanted to go down to Las Vegas I trust my husband and if he wanted to move to Wisconsin then I would be okay with it, if not now then eventually. Why move 1,500 miles away from home when we had the option of  moving 400 miles away?

It took some time, but I ended up at the same conclusion as Scott. Marquette felt like a good option and logically it would save us around $100,000. I researched for hours different things about Wisconsin. I wanted to know exactly what we were getting ourselves into. Then things started to fall into place. I wrote about deciding on Marquette on my blog, which was read by a good friend of mine. She then got some information from her cousin who is a medical student in Milwaukee. He gave me their landlord's information. Just weeks after deciding to come out to Marquette we had our housing figured out and things felt good.

We have been here for almost 4 weeks. Time has certainly flown by. Within a few days of being here we knew we were right where we needed to be. First of all, our land lord is absolutely amazing. Honestly one of the nicest people that I have ever met. Secondly, we have awesome neighbors. Our land lord owns 3 apartment buildings in our cul-de-sac, and they are rented by medical students (we're the only dental to move in here). The majority of the renters are also LDS. It's almost like like we are at BYU again, haha. We have get togethers once a week or so and it is so nice to socialize. I'm excited to get to know everyone better. Our ward is almost completely composed of medical and dental students, I think they said there were only 3 or 4 permanent families in the ward.

We are feeling so so blessed to be here. We honestly couldn't have had this work out any better. Things always have a way of working out.

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  1. I love that it's all working out! We felt the exact same way about Seattle!