Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I bought a couch… it was delivered on Saturday. I love it! It is the perfect place for me to sprawl out and do homework, or blog, or sleep… Life can’t get much better than having a good couch to lounge around on.

It is sad when the most exciting thing about your life is your couch. Oh well.  :)

I finished another chapter in my Chemistry study… yay! only a million more to go. I really need to start getting on top of that.


  1. i totally understand the thrill of owning a couch. when we remodeled we got rid of our nasty brown corduroy couch and did without any furniture for 18 months. it sucked. i probably cried the day we finally bought and had our couch delivered.
    you'll have to borrow your camera back from brooke so you can post pictures of it. :)

    and i hear we might be seeing you at the YW broadcast on saturday?

  2. I want to come see it! I remember at the store it was like, the most gorgeous couch ever. We need to have many movie parties at your house on it.