Thursday, October 14, 2010


So as I said in my last post I applied for a medical assisting position. I hardly ever get a news paper while I am at school, but on Monday I decided to pick one up. I looked through the job section of the paper and I found an ad that said. PT Medical Asst. Provo UT, no exp. needed. Please fax resumes to.... I don't know why but I immediately was excited about this ad. I went home, printed off my resume, and then went to the spa to fax it in. Yesterday I got a call asking if I would be willing to come in for an interview. I was super confused when they called, because I didn't really know where I had applied, all I knew is I applied for a medical assisting job. It turns out it is at a dermatologist's office. I went in and met with someone named Steve. At the beginning of the interview he said that they were doing two part interviews, the first was just to put a face to the resume and kind of weed through the applicants and the second would be a little more intense. He said they would call if they decided to do a second interview. It was pretty laid back, he asked me a couple questions about myself, what I am interested in, why I applied for the job, easy stuff. As we wrapped up the interview he asked me to come in the next day (today) for my second interview. I was excited, it's good news if you can get past the first interview. I was put on a list with about 15 other names for a second interview. Today when I went in I met with a lady named Lisa. She was super nice, and she made me feel comfortable. I think she is the doctor's daughter or something. I was a little concerned because when I got there I was asked to sit out in the main waiting room, I was there for about 10 minutes and then a girl walked out (I assume she just finished with her interview) They called me back to the smaller waiting room where I sat for another 10 minutes or so. Then another girl walked out from the office, and they called me in for my interview. I was in there for about 3 minutes and then they told me I would find out by tomorrow about the position. I went home and was just hanging out when I got a call from the doctors office. I was supposed to find out tomorrow about the position, so I must have been an easy person to take of the list of qualified applicants. I don't have any experience in the field, and I am a full time student. He starts of by saying that they had an overwhelming amount of applicants. They listed it for a day and had 45 people send in resumes. At that point I was sure that he was calling to let me know that I didn't get the job. He then said that they narrowed it down to two applicants, and I was one of them. Neither of us had met the doctor, and he asked if I would be willing to come in for a couple hours on Monday to meet the doctor and nursing staff. Make sure that it was a position that I wanted and we would go from there. I am still in shock. I don't know how I am one of the two people chosen from 45 applicants. It's really exciting for me, and I really hope I get the job. Because it is only part time, I still have to "seek" a full time position elsewhere but I will still qualify for part of my unemployment. I am nervous about Monday, because I think this is the perfect position for me. We'll see what happens... cross your fingers for me!


  1. it's probably old news by now, but what happened with the job? [i'm a bit behind on my blog-reading.]