Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Work is a no go...

Yesterday I went in for a working interview. I had a blast, I would have absolutely loved the job. I got to watch a surgery... it wasn't that intense just removal of some skin cancer, but still... there was blood and stitches. The doctor and the PA were great. I got the call today saying that I didn't get the job, but they would like to hold onto my resume incase they have an open position in the future. Which is pretty much code for "We're going to try to make you feel better by saying you have a shot in the future" I am pretty upset about not getting the job. I didn't think that I would be as sad as I am. But being able to go in and go through the motions of what I would be doing made me want the job so much more. I love the medical field... and that is why someday I would LOVE to go to medical school. I am going to send in a thank you note for their time and allowing me to come in and shadow the MA (Medical Assistant). I am hoping that this will make them remember me if a position does come up in the future. I'm grateful that I am getting unemployment and that I didn't NEED the job.

As far as me being social... I have been on 3 dates in the past week, all different guys. They have been pretty fun. I have been friends with all of them for a while, and they were pretty relaxed.
The good news is 6 months... :)


  1. i think the "thank you note" is brilliant. it will definitely make you stand out even more. too bad about the job. :(