Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So you think you're my friend...

Yesterday I went over to one of my friend's houses to see her week old baby. When I left there I thought about how much more I value her friendship over some of the other people I consider my friends. Whats the difference? Here are some of the things that I can think of that makes her friendship mean more.
  • She pushes me to be better, she doesn't tell me that the expectations I set for myself are too high. She encourages me to keep chugging along. Even if she thinks I have too much on my plate.
  • She knows my standards, and respects me for keeping them. She doesn't try to get me to break my standards.
  • She never puts me in a position that I don't want to be in.
  • She doesn't call me just because she needs something. She calls me because she wants to catch up. She knows that she can call me anytime that she needs something but that isn't the only time.
  • She doesn't expect me to do anything for her that she wouldn't be willing to do for me.
  • She respects my standards. Even if they vary from her own she doesn't give me a hard time for believing what I believe.
  • When I am studying she asks if I have time to come over and visit. She doesn't guilt me into coming over, or staying over when I tell her I need to go study.
  • She never calls me late at night to tell me to come over to hang out. She knows that I go to bed early (I'm sure she does too)
  • It really isn't about how often we talk.
These are things that I love about Suzanne. She is a great example to me, and she doesn't try to change me. I hope that my friends see the same qualities in me. Suzanne isn't the only one who I consider a good friend, she's just the one who made me think about it. If you consider yourself my friend do you feel like you have these qualities?

Zani - Thanks for letting me come over yesterday. It was good to catch up, and Addelyn is absolutely beautiful. You are/will be an amazing mother!

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  1. i love those kinds of unconditional friends. i hope i am that kind of friend, but i hope a lot of things that probably aren't true about myself. :)