Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Study Study Study

That's what I do with all of the fee time that I have right now. I just applied for unemployment... I think it would be great if I could have until the end of this semester to have to start looking for a job. This is my train of thought... According to the predicted amount of unemployment I could get I will have a little more than enough to pay all of my bills (my car payment, cell phone, gym pass, insurance). That means I can use my time to study... and in return for studying I will get good grades... and then with good grades I won't have to pay for school because I can get a scholarship... then if I get a scholarship, and then get married I will qualify for pell grants (and SMART grants) I won't have to work because the government is sending me money... Wouldn't it be nice if my train of thought actually happened? Here are the only problems... Scott doesn't get home for another 6.5 months (which is a lot let than the original 24 months :) ) Which means I would have to work a little between the time my unemployment (which hopefully will go through) runs out, and the time we get married (Yes, that is my plan to marry Scott, if you didn't know already). I have worked full time pretty much since I started school so I can do it again, but I am quite enjoying this break from my usual life where every minute was scheduled. So let's cross our fingers that this unemployment stuff comes through and I don't need to immediately get a new job.


  1. congratulations on your engagement! :)

  2. You crack me up... I have a good 6 months before that actually happens. You can congratulate me then.

  3. Funny blog. You're a sensitive, but humorous observer.