Monday, September 20, 2010

I've Just Made a New Friend

First of all, the timing couldn't be better. My dumb hp computer decided to pretty much end it's life a couple of days ago. He just sits there, unresponsive no matter how many times I click, or reboot he refuses to cooperate. Now I am ready to move on to someone new. In fact, I have already met someone new. Someone who I can rely on, who will help me when I am in a time crunch. Someone that will look up words that I don't know while I am doing homework. Someone that will help me keep in contact with all my friends. I am pretty sure that my new friend will become a much bigger part of my life than I ever imagined. I haven't quite figured out all of the buttons I should and shouldn't push yet, but that's what relationships are all about... right? The only thing missing is a name. I need to find the perfect name for this new friend of mine. Mac? that was my initial thought... but it seems kind of generic doesn't it?

Whoever said that money can't buy love might be mistaken. Seriously who can resist to love someone who buys you a Macbook Pro for your birthday. Between this and last years gift of a diamond and sapphire necklace I am beginning to think that you have more than made up for all the birthdays that you have missed while I was growing up. Thank you Daddy, I love it!


  1. so- is your macbook your new friend--- or your dad? :)
    i still cherish the only gifts my dad ever bought/gave to me: my gold CTR ring for my 16th birthday and my green Benetton sweater for Christmas around that same time.

  2. your dad does know that i have a september birthday, too, right? so glad you fixed your laptop problem. have a great time with your new friend.