Wednesday, September 22, 2010

10 ways to know if you have been at BYU for too long

10) You find out that one of your friend's been dating a guy for a week and you ask if things are getting between the two of them.
9) Some normal, everyday event happens, but it reminds you of a scripture.
8) You start using acronyms for everything, even if you aren't talking about the buildings.
7) When you see someone who is a little chubby you just assume their pregnant.
6) You feel comfortable wearing running shoes with your jeans. (not me but other people)
5) You run into kids you used to babysit, because they now go to the same school as you.
4) You have one of your classes in the same room your ward meets for sacrament meeting
3) You've mastered the ring check, and you no longer need to turn your body to know if guys are wearing a wedding ring on their left hand.
2) You use the term M-R-S degree.
1) You feel like you need to find an excuse for why you are 22 and still not married.

For those of you who are wondering... I was "let go" today at work... the reason is still a little unclear to me, I was falling below a certain percentile... I think he said 90th percentile, whatever that means. So now I have many more doors open. I didn't really like my job. I can file for unemployment and we'll see what happens.


  1. hip, hip, hooray! no maybe you'll have some more time to focus on your MRS degree... :)

    but still a little weird, i know. sending some extra prayers your way, amber.

  2. byu is an experience for sure. while i know that you weren't really happy with your job, i know it must still be sad/frustrating to all of a sudden have no job. good luck with wherever you decide to go. how many more months before you-know-who is home?