Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Times

The other day I ran into one of my roommates from freshman year. I love that girl! She recently just got married, and I have only seen her once or twice since the wedding reception.

She’s so cute, I asked her what is new in her life and she said that she loves being a wife. She gets to clean and do laundry… you know what every good wife does. The funny thing is she is perfect for that role. I am pretty sure she was raised to be a homemaker. I am going to make a prediction, I bet she will be pregnant by the time fall semester rolls around.

I miss the days living at Wyview. Seriously, I think freshman year was one of my favorite times. I’m still young and I have plenty more times ahead of me, but I miss being a crazy, carefree, fun, freshman. Those were the days…P1010538 the three of us

Just hanging out with Amelia and Zani

Prank War…

parties 020 parties 017


thanksgiving 015 

My daily dose of pancakes…

football game 012

Football games

fun 005 fun 006

Amber Allie time

me 027  me 026


thanksgiving 048 thanksgiving 047

Old Boy Friends…

Real People 

The comic that I never finished… maybe one of these days.


And of course Scott! 

Freshman was a good year!


  1. what would freshman year be like without a daily dose of pancakes? when i was dating damon, he made pancakes for every meal.

    good times in college.

  2. Freshman year WAS the BEST year ever!!! I miss it so much. And I totally forgot about that comic! That is so funny.