Monday, January 11, 2010

Just another day…

Let’s see, I got up early, went to School. Left School, went to work, hated work… This sounds like pretty much everyday of my life.

I guess there where a couple highlights to my day:

  • I actually said hi to my cousin in class, I don’t think he cared too much. Oh well, at least I made an effort.
  • I ran into one of my favorite people today on campus. I love her to death, and I wish I got to see her more often.
  • I got to work on commission stuff at work, I really like working with commissions. Too bad that ended pretty quickly.
  • I got to go shopping with my mom, she bought a couple new outfits. Plus she bought me a couple pieces of jewelry and a sweatshirt.

My life is pretty boring, isn’t it? I do the same things everyday. I stay really busy, but nothing too eventful happens. Aren’t you glad that I don’t write you a letter ever week. Poor Scott.


  1. don't feel bad. i think robby thinks i'm a retard, too. glad you keep posting even though you feel like you have nothing interesting to say. i feel a photo fashion coming on your blog ....

  2. maybe I am retarded but what is a photo fashion?

  3. oh, amber, you have NO IDEA how much that missionary of yours looks forward to your letter every week. and, for the record, i have not been bored once reading about your "boring life".

    maybe it's a photo fashion...SHOW?

  4. I'll let you in on a secret about Robby....he's seriously shy!! It takes a while for him to be comfy so just keep saying hi to him in missionary prep and he'll come around in time